Jaswant questions denial of bail to Raja and Kanimozhi

New Delhi: Senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh on Friday questioned the rationale behind denying bail and keeping 2G spectrum scam accused A Raja and Kanimozhi in jail, wondering how they could interfere in investigations when the trial is already on.

Emphasising that these were his personal views and not that of his party, he, however, noted that his party has not asked for keeping them permanently in jail but only has been demanding punishment for the guilty.

"Why should they be? And in what fashion are they interfering (in investigations)?" Singh told CNN-IBN in reply to a query whether former Telecom Minister Raja, DMK MP Kanimozhi and senior telecom officials should be remain behind bars as the trial was on.

"I personally feel, I am not a jurist or lawyer either by training or preference. I feel that somebody has been charged and that charge is not of heinous nature like robbery, murder or any such thing.

"When the trial is on, then that somebody should not be kept in prison because you can`t permanently deny bail," he said adding there are judgements in courts in this regard.

Bail by itself is a citizen`s right unless he is charged with such a crime that it must not be permitted, Singh said.

Asked whether the `big corporate story` India was known for will take a hit due to such actions, he said, "Of course, inevitable. I think Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh) referred to…as cynicism spreads, investment would dry up. I do believe investment would dry up internal as well as FDI."

Raja was arrested on February 2 and Kanimozhi was put behind bars on May 20.