An exclusive survey conducted by Voter on the recent conflict between Israel and Palestine reveals that the horrific terror attacks launched by Hamas on civilians in Israel has actually harmed the Palestine cause.

A straightforward question asked during the survey was: Has the attack on Israel and violence against civilians by Hamas has harmed Palestine’s freedom struggle?

Overall, about 52 per cent of the respondents were of the opinion that the cause has been harmed while less than one in five disagreed with the contention.

Significantly, a substantial 29 per cent had no opinion on the matter.

Amongst those identifying as opposition supporters, close to 50 per cent agreed the terror attacks had harmed the Palestinian cause with the number going up to 60 per cent among respondents identifying as NDA supporters.

In responses to another question over who deserves complete Indian support, about 17 per cent of the respondents supported Palestine completely while another 34 per cent were of the opinion that while they support Palestine, they are completely opposed to terror and violence.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine took on horrific proportions on October 7 when more than a 1,000 Hamas terrorists attacked a music festival and Israeli neighbourhoods near the Gaza border.

Hamas terrorists killed more than 1,300 Israeli civilians in cold blood.

There has been gruesome evidence of elderly citizens and babies being slaughtered.

Hamas has taken 200 Israeli and people from other countries as hostage.

Palestinians living in Gaza Strip have been suffering grievously as Israeli forces have launched repeated air strikes on suspected Hamas locations.

Thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of children have been killed. There has been growing clamour for a humane solution whereby more innocent lives are not lost in this aging conflict.

Hamas is a globally designated terrorist organisation.