Honest rickshaw driver returns passenger cash

Vadodara: In an exemplary show of honesty, an auto-rickshaw driver returned cash of Rs 34,000 to a passenger, police said. One Sagar Shah, working as manager in an engineering unit at Savli town had hired an auto-rickshaw from Bhutadi Zampa to Dumad Chokdi, but forgot his tiffin in the vehicle.

However, the passengers, who sat in the rickshaw afterwards, told the rickshaw driver Jayanti Rana about the tiffin lying on the seat. Rana approached the police and handed over the tiffin to police, who found a cash of Rs 34,000 in one of the tins and meal in the other.

Meanwhile Shah, the passenger, came back in search of the autorikshaw driver and asked Rana about the tiffin left by him in the auto rikshaw. The rickshwa driver immediately took him to the police station and after verification police returned the tiffin to Shah and also appreciated Rana`s honesty.