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  • Many nutritionist believe that the health benefits of black garlic outweighs the benefits of raw garlic.
  • Apart from the change in colour, black garlic is also milder in flavour.

Black garlic is the raw garlic that turns black after it is aged under high-humidity conditions and controlled temperature for weeks together. First, the raw garlic takes a brown colour and eventually, due to the Millard reaction, it becomes black. Apart from the colour change, black garlic is also milder in flavour with sticky consistency and is more delicate as compared to raw garlic.

Raw garlic is known for its multiple benefits. However, many nutritionists believe that the health benefits of black garlic outweigh the benefits of raw garlic.

Health benefits of black garlic

Rich in antioxidants

Due to the aging process, the antioxidants in black garlic are comparatively more than raw garlic. It is because the allicin present in the raw garlic turns into antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids and alkaloids when it ages into black garlic. It is the same compound that gives that pungent odour to garlic when crushed. A study conducted in 2014 revealed that the antioxidant content in garlic increased as it aged into black garlic and is at its peak when the garlic is aged for 21 days.

May contribute to the regulation of blood sugar

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to severe complications such as infections, kidney damage, and heart disease in patients. A 2019 study showed that when rats eating a high-fat and sugar diet were given extract of black garlic their metabolic functions improved thereby lowering cholesterol levels, inflammation, and regulating appetite.

Several other studies have pointed out that black garlic can help in regulating blood sugar levels.

Can cut down risk of heart disease

Heart disease is caused when there is a rise in bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides and when the good cholesterol levels are low. Studies conducted on animals have revealed that black garlic can work wonders in reducing the bad cholesterol levels that may lead to heart disease. Research has shown that both black and raw garlic help promote blood circulation thereby protecting damage to the heart.

May offer protection to the brain

Black garlic can prevent inflammation , impair memory, and improve brain function over time. Scientists think that Alzheimer’s disease may be caused due to inflammation of the nervous system. A study on rats concluded that black garlic can reduce inflammation in the brain caused due to beta armload and also help in improving short-term memory.

Can protect against liver injury

Black garlic helps reduce liver damage that is caused due to regular exposure to medications, chemicals, germs, and alcohol.