Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In a bid to provide advanced treatment in the field of the field of gastroenterology, the SCB medical College and Hospital in Cuttack is all set to start the third space endoscopy operation facility soon.

As per reports, a workshop on TSE was conducted in SCB premises to impart training about the advanced treatment. Rajesh Puri, Director of Endoscopy Department at Medanta Hospital in New Delhi, joined the workshop as the chief guest.

“Third Space Endoscopy operation is a pretty advanced treatment and it will be provided to the patients at the government hospital free of cost,” said Doctor Prashant Parida, Associate Professor in SCB.

What is Third Space Endoscopy?

Third space endoscopy (TSE) is a rapidly evolving and advancing area in the field of gastroenterology allowing for new minimally invasive treatment options for various gastrointestinal diseases including achalasia, refractory gastroparesis, subepithelial tumors and esophageal strictures.

Peroral endoscopic myotomy was the initial procedure performed utilising submucosal space in patients with achalasia. Subsequently, this kind of technique has been used successfully for removal of subepithelial tumors from the esophagus and the stomach. 

What is the procedure ?

All TSE procedures use a similar technique. A submucosal tunnel is created, and then a myotomy is performed or a subepithelial tumor is dissected away from the initial site of the mucosal incision.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)