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Silent killer, diabetes adversely affects all aspects of the body, causing heart issues, kidney damage, vision problems and other complications. There are many symptoms but many of them can not show at all or get included with other health issues and get neglected. 

Here are a Few Morning Signs of Diabetes:

Dry Mouth 

A dry mouth is one of the most significant warning signs of diabetes. If you feel a dry mouth or are extremely thirsty right after waking up in the morning often, then get your blood sugar level checked right away.

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Other prominent signs and signals of high blood sugar levels in the morning are nausea and fatigue. Usually, nausea is harmless and only lasts for a short while, it can be accompanied by other signs of a more severe diabetic condition.

Blurry Vision

You should check your blood sugar level immediately if you wake up with a blurry vision in the morning. Diabetes can also cause the eye lens to enlarge resulting in hazy vision. Your eyes lens may change shape and vision can get blurry if your sugar level goes from low to normal quickly. If your vision returns to normal, then your blood sugar level stabilises. 

Numb Feet

If your feet feel numb or if it has damaged nerves then it is a symptom of a high blood sugar level and may be affected by diabetic neuropathy. The symptoms of Diabetic neuropathy can be tingling and pain to numbness in the feet, hands, and legs depending on which nerves are affected. 

Shaky Hands

Shaky hands, sweating, and feelings of hunger can be typical early warning signs of diabetes. You can also experience confusion and difficulties in focusing on any work. 


Diabetes fatigue is not only present in patients with uncontrolled diabetes, but also in those with well-controlled diabetes. A number of symptoms including weariness can indicate concomitant psychological, medical, endocrine and acute or chronic issues. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Type 2 diabetic men are often affected by erectile dysfunction. Nerves and blood vessels may be damaged by inadequate long-term blood sugar regulation.

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