Odishatv Bureau

The Indian Society for Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) has called out the government to take an important learning from the Covid crisis and accordingly implement crucial steps for the development of critical care setups in the health sector to tackle such future pandemics.

Commemorating their 28th Foundation Day, the ISCCM organized a two-day research conclave with an endeavour to put Indian physicians in the forefront of clinical research in the near future.

The brainstorming session witnessed a gathering of over 150 participants including physicians, specialists, nurses and technicians from all over. 

The entire medical fraternity paid homage to the brave soldiers whose lives were unfairly cut short amid the pandemic and also pledged to support their bereaved families through their loss.

The session highlighted the importance of a critical care unit in hospitals that act as lifelines in salvaging patients from moribund conditions and the dire need for a skilled and technically updated facility which can never be overemphasized.

"There is a huge deficit in Critical care specialists, nurses and technicians in the country and this fact has come glaringly to the fore-front in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. The ISCCM is instrumental in training personnel both academically and in skill development to fill the gap. The Government of India need to look into setting up of fully functional state of art ICUs at district and taluka levels with trained personnel manning them at the earliest, to take the pressure off tertiary care centres and make intensive care more accessible and affordable to the common man," said Dr. Deepak Govil, President of ISCCM.