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  • Weight plays an important role in overall health.
  • Maintaining ideal weight is one step towards keeping heart healthy.

Health risks for women increase after menopause. From thyroid, and diabetes to heart issues, post-menopausal women face several health issues if they do not take care of their health.

Know about the 6 strategies that can prevent post-menopausal heart issues.


Weight plays an important role in overall health. Obesity can trigger heart issues. Importantly, weight gain around the waist region is common after menopause. That is when you must ensure that you maintain a normal weight by following good exercise and diet routines and staying active.

Regular exercise is a must

Health experts recommend regular exercise routines to maintain good cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and manage weight. Be it running, playing sports, gym workouts, or brisk walking, you should exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes every week.

Focus on eating a heart-healthy diet

Consuming healthy food items like fruits, vegetables, lean protein as well as healthy fats such as omega 3’s is extremely good for health. However, you must avoid foods that have high sodium, trans fats, cholesterol, sugar, and saturated fats.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Both smoking and drinking alcohol in excess are bad for health. Studies have shown that quitting smoking and reducing consumption of alcohol cuts down the risk of heart disease to a large extent. If you are a heart patient cessation of smoking and drinking alcohol can increase your chances of survival.

Stress management

Chronic stress is one of the major reasons behind heart issues. Many post-menopausal women face a mid-life crisis when children leave their homes for careers and education and they are left alone. This is the time to make friends, pamper yourself, broaden your horizons, and do things that you never could do due to domestic responsibilities.

If you feel stressed out it is better to consult a therapist and try to get over it.

Regular check-ups can help

After you cross 50 you must do regular cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure check-ups. This is the time when your thyroid functioning might get affected due to hormonal changes.

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