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  • High uric acid can cause serious health issues.
  • Eating certain foods like red meat and alcohol can increase uric acid levels in the body.

What you eat affects your health the most. More often high uric acid levels are caused by your lifestyle and eating and drinking habits. When the uric acid accumulates around the joints it causes stiffness, debilitating pain, and immobility and also affects many crucial organs of the body but mostly the heart and kidneys.

Apart from medication, you can also watch out for what you eat and avoid certain foods to reduce the high levels of uric acid.

Tamarind Pulp

Indian food is known for its sweet and sour and spicy combinations especially the street-side food and chaat stalls. More often sweetened tamarind pulp is used in such dishes which is very bad for uric acid levels. The high fructose levels in the pulp increase the uric acid in the body.

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Fruits & Dry Fruits

Purine has a tendency to increase uric acid levels in the body and also increase gout issues. Grapes are rich in purine and when taken in dried as raisins the purine content increases manifold. Hence, those suffering from high uric acid levels should avoid consuming golden raisins.

Similarly, fruits like apples, chickoo, and dates are also high in fructose which may increase uric acid levels in the body.

Organ & Glandular Meat

Organ meat such as liver and kidney has high purine levels and hence must be avoided.

Seafood & Red Meat

Seafood like shellfish, tuna, sardines, and anchovies are high in purines. While they are good for overall health, people with issues like gout or high uric acid levels should avoid them.

Similarly, red meat like pork, lamb, and beef should either be avoided or their serving sizes should be limited.

Sugary Foods, Beverages

Sugar-sweetened foods like candies, bakery items, and cereals must be avoided. Even fruit juices that are naturally sweetened can increase the uric acid levels in the body and hence must be taken in a limited amount. Both alcohol and beer although do not cause gout or high uric acid, they can increase the symptoms; and hence, they should be avoided.

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