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Madurai: Asking the Government to review its nuclear policy, BJP leader L K Advani today said contractual obligations or commercial interests cannot override concerns of safety and security of the people. Starting the second leg of his `Jan Chetna Yatra`against corruption, Advani said the cases of nuclear plants on the sea shore must be reviewed thoroughly.

"I would like the government to understand that their contractual obligations or their commercial interests or those of other parties with whom they have contracted with, cannot over ride the consideration of the safety and security of our people."

"Therefore nuclear plants particularly on the sea shore must be reviewed thoroughly," he told reporters here. Advani cited the examples of some of the developed countries who have now started reviewing their nuclear plans.

"The entire world including those countries which have nuclear plants for the development of energy for a long time, have announced a second view at all those plants, particularly if they are close to the ocean.

"So there is no reason why India should not adopt the same approach. There has to be caution and the first and foremost consideration has to be safety and security of the people," he said.

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