Folk-dramas based on Mamata hits in Bengal

Kolkata, Nov 29: Mamata Banerjee`s ascent to power capping a series of landmark movements organised by her party Trinamool Congress is now the theme of several `jatras` or folk-dramas which have become runaway hits in rural Bengal.
More than the mass leader`s dramatic political rise, her next-door-girl image and the promise of `paribartan` or change has captured the imagination of rural people, heads of several jatra companies said.
The names of the plays are as varied as the moods of Mamata: Banglar Masnade Mamata (Mamata on Bengal Throne), Banglar Kshamatay Ebar Mamata (Mamata in power now), Swapner Netri Mamata (the dream leader) are some of the names that have become very popular among the simple rural folks.
Ashok Dey, who wrote the script of `Banglar Masnade Mamata`, said, "It is the tale of a girl-next-door who metamorphoses into a fighter and a mass leader to win people`s heart." He claimed that the play had evoked tremendous response whereever it had been staged. Sita Ghosh, who plays the role of Mamata in the jatra, recalls how she feels awkward for being mistaken as the real `didi` by the simple folks.
"I am even approached by some to address their day-to-day problems at the end of the show," she said laughing.