Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The idea of World Voice Day was first introduced by the Society of Laryngology & Voice in Brazil in 1999.
  • Today it is celebrated in 66 countries every year.

World Voice Day is a global event that is celebrated on April 16 every year. A good quality voice is one of the most valuable gifts from nature and this day in particular is dedicated to making people aware of the enormous value of this special gift called voice. While we use voice every day to express and communicate it is quite normal for everyone to simply forget its existence and give it its due importance in effective communication.

That is why World Voice Day celebrations are so important as they try to bring awareness about the need to prevent voice issues, giving training to those with artistic voices, rehabilitating those with deviant or sick voices, and doing research on the proper function and applications of voice.

On World Voice Day various international communities and platforms organize events to encourage people to learn how to use their voice for pleasure as well as for business purposes. The day aims to create awareness among people regarding how to take care of their voice and also when to seek help if the quality of their voice is affected.

When World Voice Day was first celebrated?

The idea of World Voice Day was first introduced by the Society of Laryngology & Voice in Brazil in 1999. Professor Mario Andre, a well-known laryngologist and the then European Laryngological Society President in 2002 suggested that World Voice Day should be celebrated the world over.

The idea gained momentum as different nations started adopting April 16 as World Voice Day. As of today, the global group celebrating this day consists of 66 countries as members who celebrate this day by organizing various events.

Voice has so many uses and a lot of research is being done on it. The studies and research thus carried out are applied in various disciplines like art, biology, physics, phonetics, speech-language pathology, medicine, and music.