Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Helmets and seatbelts are extremely important for a person’s safety on road.
  • But many people neglect such basic traffic rules which can prove fatal.

Safety on roads is quintessential as traveling and driving vehicles is now an important part of everyone’s lives. It is every adult’s responsibility that he/she should drive carefully, follow all the rules, and take care of the upkeep of their respective vehicles.

Even then due to the rise in the number of accidents on the Indian roads, it has become important that people are reminded very often to ensure safer roads.

As India celebrates National Road Safety Week from January 11 to January 17, know how empowering communities can ensure that Indian roads are safer.

Campaigns for helmets and seatbelts

Helmets and seatbelts are extremely important for a person’s safety. While as a rule it is mandatory to wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler and using the seatbelts in a car is compulsory, many people do not take this seriously. That is why effective campaigns that encourage people to follow such safety rules must be carried out to cut down on the number of accidents on the road.

Making people aware

Communities can conduct public awareness campaigns using social media platforms as well as other Media to inform people of the significance of practicing safety rules on the road.

Educating people

Communities can organise events in colleges, schools, and public and private organisations to teach both adults and children about their responsibility while driving, More often teenagers are known to engage in reckless driving once they become eligible to get a license. Incidentally, many times parents allow ineligible children to use the vehicles to go to tuition and market.

Through such education programmes, parents and children should be taught the consequences of such risky behaviours.

Enforcing traffic rules

More often accidents can be avoided if the traffic rules are followed. Communities should stress the importance of following traffic rules for safer road experiences so that accidents are reduced as much as possible.