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  • Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions have been taking their toll on the environment.
  • On World Environment Day know how solar energy can help resolve this issue.

Global warming and greenhouse gas emissions have been taking their toll on the environment. Other issues like depleting natural oil and gas resources and pollution are making sustainability on Earth very difficult. If not tackled properly in the coming years, these problems will become uncontrollable. That is why various new methods are introduced to reduce pollution and dependency on natural resources.

On World Environment Day today know the key advantages of solar energy that is now considered one of the best replacements for electricity.

Less water required

The scarcity of clean drinking water has been haunting many parts of the world. Traditionally thousands of liters of water are used to produce electricity in every country yearly. From refining fuel, and transporting fuel to cooling generators, there are multiple reasons why water is used in large amounts for generating electricity. Replacing electricity with solar energy is the best option as it requires no water.

The solar photovoltaic cells do not use water for generating electricity thereby reducing the stress of water usage. The only water that is used by solar panels is rainwater which cleans the panels naturally.

Reduces air pollution

Electricity generation through fossil fuels releases harmful methane and carbon dioxide gases lowering the quality of the air. Thus, such processes of generating electricity cause air pollution and affect your health. On the other hand generating electricity using solar panels does not cause any such negative effects as there is no emission of harmful gases.

Slowing down climate change

Apart from increasing air pollution, the release of harmful gases during electricity generation also leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect. Although the greenhouse effect process happens naturally to keep the atmosphere on the Earth warm and liveable, an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases has led to the serious issue of global warming.

The use of solar energy to power businesses and homes reduces the burden on energy production processes that release such harmful gases.

Reducing carbon footprint

Using solar energy in your homes for electrical appliances helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your household. Many countries have now permanently switched to solar energy to fulfill the power requirements of their households as well as businesses.

Cuts down dependency on fossil fuels

The sunshine that we get is free. You only need to install the solar panels once and after that, they last for more than two decades without much maintenance. Most of the governments also offer considerable subsidies for their installation. Importantly use of solar energy reduces dependency on fossil fuels which in turn helps the environment to sustain and thrive in a better way.

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