Rashmi Rekha Das

Biswakarma servitors in Puri fitted two wheels to the Nandighosh chariot of Lord Jagannath after replacing the defective axel on Saturday.

According to sources, Nandighosh chariot has eight axles with 16 wheels. On Thursday, Biswakarma servitors spotted a crack in one of the axles while trying to mend the crack with iron clamps. Biswakarma servitors had to replace axles after an inspection team investigated and asked for replacement following a thorough check up.

Biswakarma of Nandighosh chariot Bijay Mahapatra said, “For the first time Lord Jagannath’s chariot faced such a situation. Axles got repaired after the crack came to the fore. As the technical team wanted to replace the axles to avert possibilities of mishaps, we followed their instruction and did the same.”

It may be mentioned that cracks were discovered in the three chariots of Lord Jagannath and his siblings parked outside Gundicha Temple in Puri last year just a day before the 'Dakshina Moda’ ritual or the southward turn.

The chariot construction engineering committee found the cracks on the wheels of Devadalan and Taladhwaja chariots and on the axle of Lord Jagannath chariot, during its inspection. Upon being intimated by the committee, Maharana, Bhoi, and Kamar servitors repaired the cracks.

Jagannath devotees had raised questions over the smooth completion of the Rath Yatra after cracks were found in Jagannath’s chariot.

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