Vikash Sharma

As expected Odisha Television Limited’s (OTV) annual convention ‘Foresight 2024--Changing Times Changing Minds’  got off to a splendid start with a number of eminent of personalities deliberating on a number of burning topics concerning the country. The session began with a ‘bhajan’ on Lord Ram.

In her welcome address, OTV MD Jagi Mangat Panda, the Managing Director & Co- Founder of Odisha Television Network gave insight on what this edition of ‘Foresight 2024--Changing Times Changing Minds’ offers.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma and Kumari Pratima Bhoumik will share their views on the topic, “Reaching The Last Mile: Developing The Rest of India.”

“This year’s theme ‘Reaching The Last Mile: Developing The Rest of India’ is more important today than it was in the past... not just only for political parties but consumer goods organisation and other service organisations are now eyeing  people of the bottom of the pyramid. Crores of people are looking forward for the upcoming 2024 elections,” said Panda. According to Panda, there is a need to ensure that all the government schemes reach the people.

“BJP’s decade long policy of Antyodaya which is about reaching the last mile also known as the bottom of the pyramid has been the Prime Minister’s stated objective. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his post budget webinar said last year, as opposed to the last scenario where poor were running for basic facilities, that now the government is going to the people’s door step,” said Panda.

“We hope that like the last 13 sessions, this year’s session will have many takeaways for people who are here and others who are watching it live. I thank viewers who have kept us on the top of their minds and top of the ratings for the last 27 years,” said Panda. 

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev will share his valuable insights on the topic, ‘Gramin Bharat ki Arthaniti main brand Swadeshi ka Yogdaan’.

The noon session of OTV Foresight will see top brains coming together to deliberate on the topic, ‘Is Media Truly Playing Its Role As The Fourth Pillar Of The Democracy’. Kartikeya Sharma, MP and founder of iTV Network and Vice-President, the National Broadcasting Federation (NBF) will be speaking on the burning topic.

MD and CEO of TV9 Network, Barun Das will be seen sharing his views on the topic, ‘News Plus: The Future of News’. The session will be moderated by Litisha Mangat Panda, the Head of Business-Digital, Odisha Television Network.

Author and Journalist, Rahul Shivshankar will attend another session on ‘Modi and India: 2024 and the Battle for Bharat’.

Rajya Sabha Member and Deputy leader & Spokesperson of Shiv Sena Priyanka Chaturvedi, MP Saptagiri Ulaka will share their views on the topic, ‘Election 2024: National Opposition Parties, Mudda for Rural India?’