Vikash Sharma

In India, a new nationalism has emerged and this nationalism is based on Atmanirbhar Bharat, said Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma at the OTV Foresight 2024 convention in Bhubaneswar on Saturday.

While speaking on the topic, ‘Reaching The Last Mile: Developing The Rest of India,’ the Assam Chief Minister said, “This new nationalism is not against anyone or drive anyone out of the country. Rather our country should become Atmanirbhar where we do not have to import anything. Let India be a nation whose economy should be based on its exports.”

Stating that a new dream suddenly entered people’s minds that they do not have to run after jobs and pay bribes for it, Sarma said, “During elections in Assam, we pledged that we will create 1 lakh jobs. We decided to give jobs so that there is no court case and no poor has to give bribe. We had invited Amit Shah and Baijayant Panda ji and we handed over 90,000 appointment letters. There was not a single court case because this is a new India. We do not have scope to do anything wrong. This is a new India which is marching ahead. Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya had given us Antyodaya and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working on a campaign mode to implement it. Everybody can see its impact,” said the Assam Chief Minister.

Citing an example during his visit to Delhi, Sarma said that two police female cops approached his security personnel for a picture. He called them and they informed him that they were from Assam. 

“Since 2016, around 100 girls from Assam and North East have been appointed in Delhi Police. Congress says that they wanted to do for the North East. But who stopped them from doing something? Who stopped you to say that my heart goes for Assam in 1962 when China attacked India? Who stopped you from removing Article 370 from Kashmir? Congress did not dare to do what they claims was in their mind. Now they should support Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he is doing something. You did not dare to build the Ram Mandir and if Modi ji has done it, you should stand with him,” said Sarma.

According to Sarma, this is the last mile development and the new nationalism in the country and pride in the country are now visible. 

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma On Hindu Rashtra

“We do not want to make Hindu Rashtra but want to make Ram Rajya. Even Mahatma Gandhi had talked about Ram Rajya. The Opposition is saying why we are speaking about cow slaughter? When the country adopted the Constitution of India, who wrote it? The framers of the Constitution had written it is appropriate to bring Uniform Civil Code (UCC). We had not written it. Ambedkar ji had written in the Constitution that every state and government should strive to bring UCC. If you (Congress) could not do and if we (BJP) are doing it, then don’t critizise or oppose if you can’t clap,” said the Assam CM.

“If Modi ji signed an accord with ULFA or Bodo, you (Congress) could have done it as nobody stopped you.  You (Congress) did not do anything and when PM Narendra Modi is doing what is your problem? Ultimately it is the service to the nation. If India progresses, we will also progress. If there is peace in North East, what is your problem? Sarma asked.