Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Casual driving can lead to fatal accidents on roads.
  • People must follow simple but important traffic rules and regulations to avoid imminent deaths on the road.

Following traffic rules diligently ensures that accidental deaths and injuries are reduced. Ironically, despite knowing most of the rules and understanding what to do and what not people take driving and traveling on roads very casually, and eventually it leads to death or severe injuries.

Always wear helmet

Bike/two-wheeler riders must always wear helmets because more often people succumb to head injuries than any other. It is possible to recover from injuries to other parts of the body but if your head is damaged then the chances of you surviving the accident is very low.

Follow the signals

Even though there is no policeman early in the morning or night you should stop at the red signal. Make it a habit to follow the signals because even though the road looks deserted you never know when a vehicle will suddenly come fast and go ahead if it gets a green signal from the other side.

Never drive in anger/desperation

Avoid driving in anger or desperation. If you are in a foul mood it can make you a reckless driver and lead to an accident.

Remember driving after drinking is a crime

Yes, because the maximum accidents that occur in India are because of driving after drinking.

Use seatbelts

Cars and other automobiles can jump during the curves and turns, or at the speed breaker. If you have put on seatbelts they will save you from getting hurt. Even in cases where the car meets with an accident and turns upside down, seatbelts will ensure minimum damage to your body.

Never use mobile while driving

Talking on a mobile phone while driving is one of the biggest reasons why accidents occur as the focus of the driver is on the phone instead of on the road. Such an act not only kills the driver but can even kill others on the road who are following all the rules and lose life without their fault.

Keep your vehicle in top condition

You should maintain your vehicles with proper servicing and oiling so that the brakes work efficiently and the tires have less probability of bursting on the road. Vehicles with failing brakes and bad engine conditions can create major issues in the middle of the road leading to fatal accidents.

Mirrors and lights

All the headlights, taillights, indicators, and dippers of a car must be working in fine condition especially when you are traveling at night. Also, could you make sure rear-view mirrors, side mirrors, and driving mirrors are in top condition so that you get a proper view both from the side and the backside.

First-aid kit

Always make sure that your vehicle has a fully equipped first-aid kit so that in case of emergencies you can treat the injured person on the spot before he/she is finally taken to the hospital for proper treatment.

Always carry an ID card with a phone number

Your ID card will ensure that your near ones are called immediately when you are in no condition to do anything. So make sure that you always carry the right documents while driving and also have all the numbers of the helpline and your healthcare expert saved on your mobile.

Many times life can be saved if a person gets immediate treatment and it is only possible if the documents and details are also made available very fast.