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  • Global Day of Parents is celebrated every year on June 1.
  • The focus of parenting now should be on reducing the screen time of the children.

Parenting in modern times is very challenging. With nuclear families becoming a new normal in urban cities, parents are struggling to spare enough time for their children hustling between their schools, careers, and office timings. Apart from that exposure to the entire world through the internet at a very young age has made children more tech-savvy as well as confused.

The excess information that they take in is sometimes not processed in the right way due to a lack of maturity and understanding. And that is why parents need to keep a keen eye on how much access their young children have to the internet.

On Global Day of Parents, the focus is on reducing the screen time of the children, encouraging them to take a liking to sports and different art forms so that they do not emerge as couch potatoes but rather develop into active, creative, and responsible human beings. It indeed is a very big task that the current parents face.

The focus is on children’s health and eating habits

Earlier when there was no takeaway or food delivery option, parents did not have to worry about what their kids were eating as most of them grew up on seasonal and home-cooked food that was fresh and prepared with lot of love and care.

With food delivery options and eating from the packets becoming the new norm, the health of the children has taken a massive setback. The cases of obesity and diabetes among young children are on the rise. Hence apart from inculcating good moral values parents in today’s times also have to make sure that their children are eating home-cooked, clean, and healthy food, stay active by playing sports or doing some exercises, and remain fit.

One thing that has happened for the good is that because of technology, parents can seek guidance from online portals, and videos and even teach their children some good habits with the help of online sessions.

Therefore, even though parenting has become more challenging in modern times, it has also opened new avenues and patterns for making positive things happen which earlier was not possible.

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