Mrunal Manmay Dash

As the Nandighosa chariot reached the Mausi Maa temple on the Grand Road during the Trinity’s return journey (Bahuda Yatra) to Srimandir on Saturday, a scuffle erupted between two factions of servitors over the right to serve Poda Pitha to the Lord.

As per reports, a dispute rose between Biswanath Mishra and Manoranjan Mishra at the Mausi Maa temple over conducting the customary Poda Pitha ritual which led to a scuffle. The situation turned so serious, that it resulted in breaking of the Poda Pitha container (Handi).

Kumbharapada police rushed to the spot and pacified the duo soon after the incident. The situation normalized following which the chariot rolled towards the Srimandir.

Speaking to reporters, Biswanath Mishra who claims receiving a letter granting approval from the SJTA to serve the Poda Pitha to the deity at the Mausi Maa temple, said, “There are some people who are adamant to disrupt the rituals of the Lord. They can’t come inside the Temple to claim their rights, so they become intolerant and do such kind of things outside.”

However, Manoranjan claimed that he has been serving at the Temple for a long time and has all the pertinent documents making him the actual servitor of the Poda Pitha ritual. “He (Biswanath) is a local goon and has a lot of money earned from land deals. So he is trying to oust me from the position using muscle power. I have all the relevant documents.”