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  • Cancer awareness goes a long way in increasing the survival chances of a patient.
  • That is why on World Cancer Day, February 4, OTV is set to organise a Mini-Marathon in Bhubaneshwar.

Awareness and early precautions are the key to fighting cancer. Both governments and private organisations have been undertaking awareness campaigns at regular intervals to sensitise people about the deadly disease. Joining the fight, Odisha Television Network (OTN) is all set to organise a Mini Marathon in Bhubaneswar on World Cancer Day on February 4.

The sole motto of the OTV Mini Marathon is to spread awareness about the disease so that more lives can be saved.

As it is known that early detection of cancer improves the chances of survival, creating awareness campaigns and taking up initiatives like the OTV Mini Marathon are significant in the fight against the disease.

Advantages of Better Cancer Awareness 

Better awareness helps you detect cancer at an early stage:

When you are aware of the signs and symptoms related to cancer, it is possible to detect it at an early stage thereby increasing the probability of survival. Although not all the signs and symptoms of cancer are the same, more often awareness about cancer's common symptoms can be the key to tracking it at the earliest stage.

OTV Mini MarathonOTV Mini Marathon on World Cancer Day

Better treatment options:

Awareness about cancer is not only about early detection. Good awareness also means you have the necessary knowledge about the current and most effective treatments for cancer available at your healthcare centres and across the globe. Just as early detection can increase your chances of survival, awareness about the latest treatments can also contribute hugely to extending your life span. 

Preventing the onset of cancer:

Incidentally, if you are aware of the causes of cancer, it can help prevent the onset of the deadly disease. People who are very much aware of such things take proactive steps to decrease their risk of getting cancer.

Getting support:

Awareness also means getting the right kind of support when needed. Knowledge about which healthcare expert should be approached when in a health crisis goes a long way in ensuring that the diagnosis is carried out at a faster pace and the patient gets the most advanced treatment right from the start.