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Ask a drama enthusiast what’s more addicting than a drug, more probably they will answer K-drama. Don’t be surprised though, with the Korean boy band BTS taking the music industry by storm, it’s a matter of time before the K-drama would reach every household in the world.

Say it ‘Korean wave’ or ‘Hallyu’ or ‘K-craze’, you can’t deny the grossing popularity of K-drama. But, why are K-dramas so popular? Well, read below to find out.

Possible Reasons for K-drama Popularity

Emotional Approach

In India, most are fed up with the regular ‘saas-bahu’ drama with no storylines. But in K-drama, you are bound to set off on an emotional roller coaster ride as the story develops. Depicting love, friendship, personal development, and family drama, a K-drama stays with you forever.

Multiple Genre Storylines with Interesting Twists

K-dramas offer a plethora of drama choices that vary from time travel, mythology, history, paranormal, and body exchange, to the romance between aliens/demons and humans. And guess what, you can expect some unimagined plot twists that glue you to the screen until you finish it.

Easily Accessible

K-dramas are available worldwide. Thanks to streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, Rakuten Viki, and We TV, global audiences adore these dramas. Also, the huge fan base of K-drama helps create subtitles to take the viewership higher.

Fine Fashion Sense

The incomparable fashion sense of the Korean drama industry is one of the key points in its popularity. You might feel the characters are walking on the red carpet while they are just living their normal life. Convinced yet?

Good-looking Leads

You can’t deny that K-drama casts look like angels. Accompanied by super fashion details, makeup, and hairstyle, the overall representation of every Korean drama character is crush-worthy.

Highlighting Culture

They don’t shy away from showcasing Korean culture, tradition, and history. Instead, they boldly go for it. The family bond in response to cultural practices makes it more humane and relatable to the audience. 

Production Quality

The video quality of K-dramas is unmatchable with superior cinematography. They flawlessly present nature, landscapes, or human portraits that catch the attention of audiences right away and engage them for a longer period.

Punch of Funny Lines

While watching a K-drama, be prepared to laugh hard without getting choked. The punch lines in almost all K-dramas are super funny and to the point that is hard to find in other dramas.

A quality story is appreciated everywhere and K-dramas are definitely, apart from the monotonous form of entertainment, providing a fresh medium to audiences.

Here are a few K-drama suggestions for beginners:

  • Boys over Flowers
  • Crash Landing on You
  • Welcome to Waikiki
  • Goblin: The Lonely and Great God 
  • Reply 1988
  • True Beauty
  • Fighting for My Way

By- Supalee Dalai