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  • Sidharth Malhotra once narrated how he faked an accident that made Alia Bhatt cry.
  • It was during the time when the two were shooting for Kapoor & Sons.

Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt made their debut with Student of the Year. They also starred in Kapoor & Sons, a movie that also featured veteran star Rishi Kapoor. Narrating a funny incident that happened when he was shooting for this movie at a hill station, Sidharth Malhotra revealed how he tricked Alia Bhatt and Shakun Batra during a bike ride and stressed them out.

Narrating the incident during one of the interviews on “No Filter Neha” Sid said, “We were going back from set which was in Kulu which again is a very hilly area and they have this tea plantation. I thought ki kya bahut ho gaya Kulu mein kya gadi mein jana. So I took a bike with my production EP. So he and I were riding the bike in the front and Shakun and Alia and guys were in the car behind. They could see us and they were like be careful.”

The Brothers actor continued saying, “Be careful, why you are riding this bike. Alia was stressed out and everybody was restless and saying why are you taking this risk. I was like it is just a bike I am not going on some space. So.. just got irritated with it and we just took a right bend. You know how in hilly areas there are.”

Throwback to Sidharth Malhotra talking about when he faked an accident on the sets of Kapoor & Sons and Alia's reaction to it on the No filter neha
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Those were the days when Sidharth and Alia were dating each other and both of them have always been honest about their relationship. Taking the narration further, the handsome Bollywood star said, “And then I just stopped and he (production EP) asked kya ho gaya. And I said kuch nahi, yeh karte hai. So I stopped put the bike in the corner and laid down. Both of us were lying down next to the bike pretending that we had fallen, had a bad accident you know. Full Hindi picture and all that.”

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When Alia and the group saw the two lying on the ground they just screeched the car and rushed to the spot. Shakun and Alia were all stressed out. Sidharth said, “And Alia started crying because we were lying down as if we were dead.” But when Sid saw Alia crying he just started feeling bad and tried to pacify her saying that it was all a joke and all.

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