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  • A video clip of SRK and Katrina Kaif that surfaced online recently raised eyebrows of many netizens.
  • The clip shows Shah Rukh smothering love on Kats.

Shah Rukh Khan is known for being a gentleman in Bollywood, especially when it comes to women. He has always said that he loves women and treats them with great respect because they are very special and expects everyone around him to respect them. There have been instances where his female colleagues and co-stars have shared experiences of how caring and supporting Shah Rukh Khan is with his female co-stars.

Recently his Chennai Express and Jawan co-star Priyamani shared an experience when SRK ensured that the girls who were enjoying the party until 4 am were escorted safely to the hotel by sending a car full of bodyguards with them. Since the Bollywood Badshah has such a strong image when it comes to being decent and gentle with women, netizens were surprised when a video clip of SRK and Katrina Kaif surfaced online.

The clip shows SRK smothering Kats with love even when the shot is over. While King Khan is holding his Zero co-star tightly, Katrina Kaif seems to be so embarrassed that she does not know where to keep her hands as SRK continues to hug her in a tight hold. It may be a fun thing for Shah Rukh Khan with no other intentions but it certainly does not seem to make Katrina comfortable.

SRK showing Katrina his 'love'. Director has already said "cut". What is the point of smothering a helpless Katrina, who is clearly embarrassed, like this? You were supposed to be a gentleman, no?
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Netizens were quick to comment that this can be an exception as SRK seems to be quite fond of the actress and even broke his no-kissing clause in his first film Jab Tak Jaan with Katrina Kaif. Currently, Shah Rukh Khan is busy in the making of his upcoming movie King that will launch his daughter Suhana in Bollywood. Directed by Sujay Ghosh, it will have Siddharth Anand as the action director.

He also is currently working on Pathaan 2, a sequel to one of the biggest movies of SRK’s career that launched him back in Bollywood with a bang.