Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Recalling her experience of working with the Baahubali star, Nayanthara said, “Prabhas is too sweet."
  • On Jr NTR, Nayan said that he is the only star who does not rehearse dance movements before shooting.

Nayanthara seems to be the eternal South Indian superstar who does not seem to age despite nearing her 40s. In her career of over 20 years, the lady superstar has worked with almost all the leading male actors and stars and has a great amount of experience in her kitty. A few years ago, dwelling upon her past experiences the Jawan actress revealed some interesting titbits about her co-stars and what made them so special.

Nayan and Prabhas worked in Yogi released in 2007. At that time the Rebel star was yet to become the big name that he is today. Recalling her experience of working with the Baahubali star, Nayanthara said, “Prabhas is too sweet. He is like a kid. I do not know whether he is still like a kid but when I worked with him he was like a total brat. He is like jumping around, he is like cracking a joke, and he is just fun to be with. He is like a small kid jumping around the set. He is like that.”

But Nayan said that after becoming such a big superstar she is very happy to see him this way.

Nayanthara has also worked with Jr. NTR in Adhurs released more than a decade ago in 2010. While talking about Tarak, the lady superstar said that she was highly amazed by the way the actor dances and the way he transforms on the screen like this (snap of a finger). One of the most shocking things that she revealed about Jr NTR is that she never saw him rehearse for any dance.

Nayan said, “Everyone says that we do not do rehearsals. But it is not like that. Everyone does rehearsals. But he is the only hero I have seen who never does rehearsals. And there are many weird movements like jumping and all that only Tarak can do.”

About her experience of working with Chiranjeevi, the Bigil actress said that despite the fact that Chiranjeevi sir is such a big superstar and can throw his stardom around he is extremely down-to-earth and caring.