Cassian Baliarsingh

Avatar: The Way of Water is doing wonders at the box office and has become the fifth-highest-grossing movie of the year. The James Cameron-directorial has collected $855 million in global tickets in just 10 days.

Even with the harsh winter in America and the rising Covid-19 cases, the Avatar sequel is being loved by fans across the globe. As the Disney movie has set cash registers ringing, an old video of James Cameron admitting that the Oscar-winning movie Avatar is inspired from Hindu culture and subconsciously connected to India has been going viral.

The video is from 2010 when Titanic director James Cameron graced the ‘On the Couch with Koel’ show.

When Koel asked what does the word ‘Avatar’ mean to him, because it is a Hindu word, James said, “I understand the sort of the traditional roots of Avatar which is that it’s the descent or the incarnation of the divine being in the flesh. It was the significance in the film.”

“I find Hinduism quite fascinating. Avatar is a film to touch people’s spirituality across a broad spectrum,” he said.

When Koel added Hinduism is actually one of the only religions that is non-dogmatic and is a self-interpreting religion and the whole Avatar of Lord Krishna and Vishnu, James said, “I have always been fascinated by the entire Hindu pantheon and all these amazing mythic beings and colors and visuals seem so rich and vivid. The subconscious association of Hindu culture in Avatar is amazing, and I hope I haven’t offended anyone in doing so.”

Now, the 12 years old interview is going viral after a Twitter user shared the clip.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Adv. Ashutosh J. Dubey said, “Avatar was inspired by Hindu culture, Sanatana Everywhere!” The tweet now has 7510 likes and over 1982 retweets.

A user commented, “Name Avatar is a Hindi word, color blue (the way our gods are depicted) defines vastness of universe – sky looks blue- water looks blue. Hollywood is definitely influenced by ancient Indian texts.”

“James told in 2008 itself, VanaraSena in Ramayana is inspiration for Pandora,” wrote a second user.