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News Highlights

  • Gauri Khan once revealed how she deals with her insecurities related to Shah Rukh Khan.
  • The wife of King Khan made an interesting statement during one of her appearances on KWK.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are considered the most influential couple in Bollywood. Apart from SRK’s stardom and wealth, it is his love story and married life with Gauri that has earned him such huge goodwill and respect from his fans.

Despite being from two different religions the couple never had any problems and have set an example for everyone in the industry that is always struggling to keep their marriages and relationships intact.

Of course, the Jawan actor’s rumoured relationship with Priyanka Chopra did upset the castle of King Khan, but things were quickly hush-hushed and their life has continued without any further hiccups.

Be it the bad phase in Shah Rukh Khan’s career or their son Aryan Khan getting arrested for alleged involvement in a drug case Gauri and SRK stood together and weathered the storm calmly, hand in hand.

But there was a time when both of them were young, and Shah Rukh Khan had become one of the biggest superstars during the 90s. Girls simply swooned over him wherever he went.

The superstar was working with beautiful leading ladies and mingling with some of the most sophisticated females in the social circles of the high and mighty. So it was natural for young Gauri to feel a bit insecure with this overwhelming fame and stardom.

Answering the same during one of her appearances on Koffee With Karan, the famous interior decorator said. “First these 2, 3 questions, I haven’t aversion to this question but I totally go blank when people even want to ask me this question. I get really irritated with this question. “

Karan in between said that she need not answer the question but since women tend to have such feelings sometimes or the other he asked it. But Gauri Khan insisted and said that whenever she has insecurities about her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan she prays to God, “If we are not supposed to be together and he has to be with somebody else, then God help me find somebody else also.”

When Shah Rukh Khan was once asked what he would do if Gauri started loving someone else, he said that he loves his wife so much that he would be happy in her happiness.