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News Highlights

  • Bobby Deol in an old interview narrated a funny incident that took place on the sets of Gupt.
  • He revealed how he tried to take revenge on Manisha Koirala but the joke fell apart.

Bobby Deol is back with a bang with Animal and currently can be seen regularly interacting with media. During an old interview, the Aashram actor revealed a funny incident that took place between him and Manisha Koirala . The two were working in Gupt and had to shoot a song “Bechainiyaan” in which there were a few close shots. Both Bobby Deol and Manisha were not good friends but still shared a cordial relationship.

Narrating the incident, Bobby Deol said, “I got along fine with her, though we didn’t become friends. While shooting for the song ‘Bechaniyaan’ in Gupt, she had to bring her face close to mine and then bite my chin for the shot. As she brought her face close to mine, I got a blast of bad breath. She’d eaten chana chaat full of raw onions just before the scene. It’s a wonder how I even managed to do the scene. Because romance was the last thing on my mind then.”

Although Bobby Deol did the scene very well keeping the romantic expressions point on, he decided to get back at her and for that devised a special plan. For that, he trapped a newcomer who had a scene with the Lajja actress so that she too could suffer from the whiff of bad breath the way he had.

GuptManisha Koirala, Bobby Deol, Kajol in Gupt

He took the help of a fight master on the set to con a newcomer into believing that eating onions before the shot works well for concentration and helps to emote the scene well. Since he had a scene with Manisha Koirala, Bobby Deol asked the actor to breathe heavily when he came closer to Manisha.

The newcomer did exactly that and as the camera rolled on both Bobby Deol and the fight master waited with a baited breath to get a reaction from Manisha so that they could have their revenge. But she never reacted and their joke fell flat.

Gupt was one of the biggest hits of Bobby Deol’s career and his dancing style in the title song became known as Bobby Deol’s style during the 2000’s.