Poonam Singh

Manoj Bajpayee and Shah Rukh Khan, who commenced their acting journeys in the same Delhi group, have taken divergent paths in the film industry. While Shah Rukh soared to become a megastar in mainstream Indian cinema, Manoj carved his niche in parallel cinema and unconventional roles. In a recent conversation, Manoj shared that their worlds have evolved to the point where they seldom cross paths.

Recalling an incident from their Delhi days, Manoj recounted being denied entry to a club with Shah Rukh due to improper footwear. When asked about the likelihood of meeting Shah Rukh now, Manoj remarked, "We don’t meet. We have become people from different worlds. So our paths don’t cross. Even at that time, our friendship wasn’t like that."

During an interview with Jist, Manoj emphasized the distinction in their circles, explaining that their interactions were limited even though they were part of the same group. Despite working in the same group, their friendship didn't extend beyond the professional realm.

This revelation follows Manoj Bajpayee sharing a light-hearted incident involving his 11-year-old daughter, Ava. While scolding her for speaking in English, Manoj discovered her watching The Archies. 

Reflecting on his own childhood favourites like Motu Patlu and Ram Balram, Manoj humorously expressed his limited connection to The Archies, with fond memories of characters like Veronica and Betty.

Meanwhile, Manoj Bajpayee last seen in critically acclaimed 'Joram', will next be seen in Netflix's 'Killer Soup' alongside Konkona Sen Sharma.