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  • The ring worn by Nita Ambani has a rare diamond that denotes epitome of magnificence and luxury.
  • This remarkable jewelry has been crafted with great expertise.
Nita Ambani diamond ringNita Ambani diamond ring

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding festivities were a star-studded affair. Apart from what celebs and international guests wore, people were also fascinated by the dressing style of Isha Ambani especially her gem-studded blouse made from mixing different brooches and jewelry pieces that Isha owned.

Another Ambani who turned heads was none other than Nita Ambani . Of course, her resplendent emerald-studded necklace with the huge green stone at the center was discussed a lot on the internet, it’s the finger ring that she wore during the festivities that has garnered a lot of attention. Surprisingly, this beautiful piece of jewelry is not only huge and pricey but is strongly connected to Indian heritage and history.

Mirror of Paradise diamond ring

The ring worn by Nita Ambani has a rare diamond that denotes the epitome of magnificence and luxury. This remarkable jewellery has been crafted with great expertise and meticulous attention has been given to every detail to create a true masterpiece thus making it a part of the high-end jewellery collection of the Ambani’s.

Nita Ambani is a leading businesswoman and philanthropist in India and it is expected that women of such a big stature should own such a remarkable diamond ring which is also known as the Mirror of Paradise ring. The diamond that features in this ring is from the Golconda diamond mines and was once a part of the Mughal Empire’s collection. The famous Golconda mines are located in the southern part of India.

A 2019 report says that it was first auctioned by Christie’s for a huge amount of 54 crore rupees and at that time was bought by an unknown buyer. The diamond was found in around 1800 to 1899. This is not the first time that Mrs Nita Ambani was spotted with this particular ring. She was spotted wearing it for the first time almost a year ago at the inauguration of the NMACC in March last year.