Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The end of The Family Man 2 includes a spoiler that suggests that the next season may focus on Chinese infiltration

  • Srikant Tiwari and TASC will fight a group of militants from the northeast while Srikant’s wife Suchi reveals a big truth about herself

  • Raj and DK are planning to shoot The Family Man 3 in Nagaland. 

The Family Man 2 has finally started streaming on Amazon Prime Video and despite the controversy surrounding it, fans have welcomed it with open arms. The roles of both Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari and Samantha Akkineni as Raji have been appreciated. 

In the first season, Manoj as Srikant Tiwari operated against ISI and in the second season, we saw him fighting the rebels from Sri Lanka.



As is known, Amazon Prime has already given a nod for the third season of this franchise. The ending of The Family Man 2 includes a major spoiler and hint. And fans are simply eager to know what it means.

Now as per the cliffhanger, it can be assumed that in the upcoming season, Srikant Tiwari will fight against the Chinese infiltrators coming from North East of India with the ill-intent to trigger terrorist activities in the country.



As is obvious from the first two seasons, things are not right between Srikant and his wife and the latter is supposed to be having an affair. In one of the final scenes when Srikant asks his wife Suchi what exactly is bothering her, she replies that she wanted to tell him something for long. However, the conversation is cut short because the focus moves to the pandemic and the mayhem it has caused.

From here, it seems the spoiler for The Family Man 3 takes over as a stranger is shown messaging in Chinese to his counterpart that they must use the corona pandemic to distract the nation so that they can carry their darker plans conveniently.



That is a hint enough to suggest that the upcoming season of The Family Man will be focused on Chinese infiltrations. 

As per the spoiler, a rogue gang or a terrorist organization from China will come up with a plan to destroy India, and then it will be the duty of TASC to fight against them.

According to reports, Raj and DK are planning to shoot The Family Man 3 in a northeast Indian state, most probably Nagaland. While on the field Srikant Tiwari will be engaged in high octane drama, in personal life there will be a major twist in his married life depending upon what Suchi tells him.

Also, since Samantha Akkineni’s character Raji dies in the second season, a new female lead may be introduced in The Family Man 3.