Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The Squid Game 2 teaser trailer was recently released.
  • The director hinted that some main characters including Front Man will return in the next season.

Squid Game created history and to date is the most successful series on Netflix. So it was expected that the second season of the series will come out soon. And now the makers have come out with a teaser that has sparked the curiosity and interest of the fans.

The writer, creator, and director of Squid Game, Hwang Dong-hyuk recently released a note in context with the upcoming season along with a teaser trailer. In his note, Dong-hyuk penned that it took the team 12 years to complete the first season of Squid Game whereas it took only 12 days for the series to become the most popular content on Netflix.

In the note, the director thanked the audience for the tremendous response given to his creation and also shared some details about the upcoming season. Hwang Dong-hyuk has said that Gi-hun will return, and the Front Man will return in the second season. He has also hinted that there is a possibility that the man in the suit along with ddakji will also return and fans will be introduced to the boyfriend of Young-hee.

This man in the suit is the Salesman who first attracted Gi-hun into the arena of Squid Game. Talking about the upcoming season executive producer of the series, Kim Ji-Yeon said that the team is working on the script for the second season and is also feeling the pressure to make the second season better than the first. He said that different audiences and fans have enjoyed the first season of Squid Game and that is why the focus is now to make it more joyful for the audiences across the globe.

The show’s main characters are Gi-hun and Young-hee, a huge animatronic doll forming the center of the game called Red Light, Green Light. The focus is on the eye of her boyfriend whose name is Cheol-Su.