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Heeramandi actress and popular Television beauty Sanjeeda Sheikh has made a shocking revelation of being groped by a woman. Recalling an awful and traumatic experience, Sanjeeda revealed how she was groped by a woman who also touched her breasts inappropriately at a nightclub.

In an interview, Sanjeeda revealed that the unidentified woman felt up her breasts, leaving her stunned.

“Ladkiyaan bhi koi kam nahin hain,” Sanjeeda said calling it as ‘violation of privacy’.

“I remember one incident very vaguely but it was by a girl. I was in a nightclub. One girl was passing by and she just touched my breast and left. I was kind of taken aback, like what just happened. We hear men smack you on the back and misbehave, ladkiyaan bhi koi kam nahin hai,” Sanjeeda told Hauterrfly.

“If you are headed on the wrong path, you are going on it regardless. It has nothing to do with men or women, whatever is wrong is wrong. If a woman has wronged you, tell her. Because I think playing the victimhood card is very unattractive,” she added.

During the interview, Sanjeeda also opened up about her divorce. “I feel I am very lucky to have overcome all of that and to be happy with this version of myself, I am blessed. There are phases in every relationship where you are happy, and then there are some when you are not, and then you take a call for your life and that’s what I did for myself, because I started loving myself and I started prioritizing myself and this is very, very important.”

Worth mentioning, Sanjeeda was married to fellow actor Aamir Ali and the two are parents to a lovely daughter. After years of marriage, the two parted ways in 2020.

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