Sangati Jogwar

Sidharth Shukla’s untimely and shocking death has left all his fans, friends, and family members numb. But the one person who is most affected by his sudden exit from this world is none other than his close friend and rumored girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill. The last few hours during which the Bigg Boss 13 winner complained of chest pain, Shehnaaz was reportedly with him.

While it was reported earlier that the Punjabi star had said to her father that Sid died in her arms, new updates from the Times of India indicate that the Bigg Boss 13 contestant was with him throughout the night of 2nd September.

As per the TOI report, after jogging in the parking of his flat when Sidharth Shukla came up at 9.30 pm, he started feeling uneasy. At that time, both his mother and Shenaaz were with him at his home. They first offered him nimbu paani so that it would make him feel better. Later on, they gave him ice cream but it did not help him feel better.

When Sidharth Shukla continued to feel uneasy, both Shehnaaz and Sid’s mother asked him to sleep and take a rest. But due to uneasiness, Sidharth could not sleep and that is when he asked his Shona Shona co-star to stay with him and simply pat him on the back. After an hour or so at around 1.30 pm Sidharth Shukla went to sleep in the lap of Shehnaaz so the latter moved away slowly and slept till morning 7 am.

She woke up to find Sidharth sleeping in the same position as she had left him without making any movement. She tried to wake Sid up but there was no response. She panicked and rushed to the 5th-floor apartment from the 12th floor where Sidharth’s family was staying, the TOI report added.

Shehnaaz told Sidharth’s sisters that Sidharth was not making any movement. So, they called the family doctor who declared that Sid was dead. Later on, the famous telly actor’s body was taken to Cooper Hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.