Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Punjabi actress Shehnaaz Gill is all set for her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan ’s Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. The actress is leaving no stone unturned to allure her fans and moviegoers to the theatres during the movie promotions. 

Apart from gaining fame with Bigg Boss 13, Naaz remained in the headline for her romantic relationship with Sidharth Shukla. However, Sid’s sudden demise left everyone shocked and Naaz heartbroken. It certainly took a long time for her to step out of the trauma. 

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Lately, fans urged Naaz to move on and get married to Guru Randhawa after the duo was seen romancing in Punjabi romantic song ‘Moon Rise.’ While Naaz and Guru’s on-and-off chemistry triggered the rumours, now, reports are abuzz that Raghav Juyal and Naaz are reportedly dating. Salman’s statement during an event set off the rumours.

Meanwhile, Naaz is ready to move on in life and the actress has admitted to it.

The entire team of Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan graced The Kapil Sharma Show for promotion of their upcoming. 

While Salman and Pooja Hegde were the first to come, Raghav and Shehnaaz entered the show after a while. Next, it was Jassie Gill and Palak Tiwari followed by Siddharth Nigam and Vinali Bhatnagar.

During the intro session, when Kapil came to Naaz, he immediately came to his own style and started praising her. Next, Kapil went on to ask all others if Shehnaaz troubled others with her talkative nature on sets of Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. While Pooja said she didn’t trouble anyone, Salman went on to say that no one allowed her to get into her (talkative) mood.

However, Raghav went on to say, “Ladki Bhayankar hai lekin yeh,” while all others were laughing. 

When Kapil out of surprise repeated, “Bhayankar,” Salman mocked Raghav and said, “Bhayankar hi bolega inko.”

After that, Raghav went on to clarify, “Bhayankar matlab, actor achi hai, dancer achi hai, aur acha kaam kiya hai film mein, toh uss hisab se bhayankar.”

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A few moments later after an amusing session with Raghav and Palak, Kapil once again was back to Naaz. 

Kapil at first inquired if she has any payment on hold from her previous show with Salman for which she came to recover by working in film. To this Naaz replied, “Sabse saasti mein hi thi, aur sabse mehengi ban ke nikli hoon.”

Later, when Kapil talked about being loved by boys, she said, “Toh achi baat hai, mujhe pyaar karo, mein hoon hi itni pyaari.” However, she fumbled and stopped which triggered a laugh riot.

Next, she continued, “Sari duniya ko pyaar bantne ke liye hi toh hum bane hain. Toh sabko bantna chahiye pyaar.”

However, Salman interrupted and said that Kapil is asking about a particular person.

To this, Naaz instantly replied, “Haan, mein pyaar karne ke liye ready hoon. Mein move on karne ke liye bhi ready hoon. But ladka, jisko mein pyaar karungi bas wahi allowed hai.”

“Arey woh ladka, jo tumko pyaar karega woh better hai,” said Salman. He continued, “Aisa ki tum usse pyaar karo, woh tumse pyaar nahi kare...”

However, Naaz interrupted Salman and said, “Sir, aap galat ho yahan pe. Pyaar pehele mein karungi, Uske baad mein karwa loongi usse pyaar.”

This statement impressed Salman as well as the audience.