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  • P-TAL is a start-up that sells copper, kansa and brass items.
  • The company received investment support from all the 5 sharks on Shark Tank India 3.

Shark Tank India season 3 came to an end a few weeks ago. Many deserving entrepreneurs from different parts of the country were offered support by the sharks on the show so that they could grow their businesses. One such start-up P-TAL received cheques from all 5 sharks including Aman Gupta, Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, Namita Thapar, and Amit Jain.

Now the owners of this start-up company, that sells copper, kansa, and brass items, have decided to return the cheques to all the 5 sharks. The company owners recently took to their Instagram handle to share that they are returning these cheques and the reason behind this act is very emotional.

In their Instagram post, P-TAL said, “We are sending the cheques back to all the 5 sharks from Shark Tank India who invested in us. All 5 sharks in our panel (Aman, Anupam, Amit, Namita, Vineeta) had agreed to put in ₹20L each at 0.64% equity, experience, expertise, and time, Network and connect with relevant helpful individuals.”

The post also says that when the team of P-TAL gave this good news to their artisans who curated such fabulous items, they were overjoyed and very happy. The news brought tears to their eyes and in return they decided to offer love, respect, and blessings to the 5 sharks who invested in their company. This Instagram post is accompanied by a video clip that shows the artisans sharing their thoughts about appearing on national television and how they cannot imagine that their work is now known to all Indians.

In a rare gesture, these skilled artisans wrote cheques offering blessings and good wishes to the 5 sharks sharing their gratefulness and thanking them for investment in their company and supporting their business.

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Netizens have hailed this gracious gesture from the artisans calling it, the “Bank of blessings.”