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News Highlights

  • Jyothika's husband Suriya is currently in limelight for his upcoming pan India movie Kanguva.
  • The Shaitaan actress called Kanguva a magnum opus.

South Indian actress Jyothika returned to Bollywood this year with Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan. The movie was a super hit. Next, she will be seen with Rajkummar Rao in Srikanth. The actress who earlier made her debut in movies with the Bollywood film Doli Saja Ke Rakhna in 1998 seems to be eager to work on more Bollywood projects after having a successful stint in the South Indian film industry.

Her husband Suriya currently has been in the limelight for his project Kanguva and his out-of-the-box look. Jyothika revealed how she felt when she saw that look for the first time both as an actor and a wife. She said, “I think Suriya is fabulous, he puts 200% in his films. And this I would not say because I am his wife. Maybe I am married to him because of this quality of his that he gives so much. Whether it is my children, our marriage, or his career, he gives 200% and is a fabulous actor.”

The actress said that she has not said all of Kanguva but a few rushes and clips. Based on that Jyothika said, “I think cinema is going to witness something for the first time which is so magnum opus and which is so well made. He is just phenomenal and I have no words for his body of work.”

She also said that Kanguva deserves to be appreciated because Suriya has worked really hard for it.

Jyothika discusses why it took her so long to make a Bollywood comeback

Taking about her comeback in Bollywood after so many years and why it took her 24 years to do a Hindi movie Jyothika said, “I think it was just a journey which was drifted away. And to be very frank I got busy there and films also did not come from this side. So I think some sort of misconception or probably like they thought I am a South Indian and I do not know Hindi and all. I think it just drifted too far away and I think a fate of some type.”

Very few people know that Jyothika was born and brought up in Mumbai and knows Hindi very well. She also revealed that Shaitaan’s success made her feel overwhelmed as it was her first highly successful Bollywood movie with great numbers. Apart from that she felt that it was more important that Shaitaan was a good film.

Jyothika revealed that she shot Shaitaan before Srikanth although Shaitaan was released earlier. She felt very happy that Srikanth was a story of a South Indian and hence she was connecting once again to South Indian culture with a Bollywood flick. The actress is looking for stories that offer her the role of a strong woman character at this point in her career.

The Tamil star said that today both Southern and Bollywood movies are together and now you see actors from different parts of the country working on a project.