Cassian Baliarsingh

It was in the year 1992, a young Delhi boy swayed into the hearts of millions with his iconic signature open-arm pose. Despite playing a side role, he struck a chord with fans, thanks to his unusual open-arms pose. 

He wasn’t as good-looking as Salman Khan, good at acting like Aamir Khan, or good in action like Akshay Kumar. However, there was something about this newcomer that fans couldn’t resist from watching.

After opening his arms for Divya Bharti in ‘Aisi Deewangi’, he made it iconic when he opened his arms for Kajol’s ‘Simran’ in the yellow mustard field in DDLJ. Since then, there has been no looking back for him.

With time, he has mastered the art of spreading love all over the world. Yes, we are talking about none other than the King of Romance himself, Shah Rukh Khan. Not just 90s kids, the Badshah of Bollywood has also charmed his way into the hearts of millions of foreigners and most importantly the Gen Z kids.

The number of fans assembling outside Mannat every day is proof of his stardom. Recently, a female fan shared her experience of waiting outside Mannat for 10 hours in 36-degree temperature just to get a glimpse of her ‘idol’.

Her video has gone crazy viral with fans calling the actor not just a star, but an emotion. Documenting her long 10 hours, the fan wrote, “The day we met Shah Rukh, the stars, the moon and the sun was alligned 🌙☀️”

Not to disappoint his fans, King Khan showed up with his son AbRam and greeted his fans from Mannat’s balcony. He showered everyone with flying kisses and as expected treated them with his iconic signature pose.

“And then finally after 10 hours; nothing made sense anymore. He was in front of me. The God himself. A core memory was made,” the female fan shared.