Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood's Dabangg Khan aka Salman Khan remains a favourite among movie lovers. Being an A-listed actor, Salman has earned a distinguished identity in the Indian film industry. The craze for the 56-year-old actor still remains the same even after several decades. 

Fans go crazy every time Salman hosts an award show or any other event. His performance at the events adds much-needed excitement as he sets the stage on fire. Well, it is not just Salman who sets the stage on fire, even his doppelgangers share the same attributes. 

Admirers are well aware that Salman has several doppelgangers or lookalikes. While some of the lookalikes have a close resemblance to the actor, some copy the mannerism, fashion and several other activities of the actor. 

Most of these doppelgangers can be seen on social media platforms and enthralling users. Imitating Salman's actions or the dialogue deliveries help them draw the attention of social media users. Many of them even enjoy massive followers.

Most of the lookalikes are professional artistes and perform at different events. Social media users must have come across several such videos of the doppelgangers. The uncanny resemblance of the lookalikes with Salman and their performances are certainly entertaining. However, finding these doppelgangers together in one place could be tough. 

Here we bring you a video that shows four lookalikes of Salman Khan, who set the stage on fire.

In the video, while one is seen in Salman's 'Tere Naam' look, another can be seen in 'Dabangg' getup. On the other hand, the third doppelganger can be seen in 'Sultan' look while the fourth is seen in Salu Bhai's casual look. 

The doppelgangers can be seen imitating different actions and unique hook steps of Salman. Of course, their performance set the stage on fire and entertained the live audience. 

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Social media users were soon to start a memefest over the video. 

While one user said, "Bhaiya ek sasta salman khan lagana 😂😂", another said, "Selmon, Sevlon, Sulmemon, Semelon: Multiverse of Bhainess😂"

Another user commented, "Yaha ek jhelna mushkil h ab char aa gaye... 😂😂😂 lagta h iss baar afganistan ko talibaan se azaadi dila kr hi manenge 🤣🤣 "

"Ab footpath ka kya hoga😢," said another.

Though the doppelgangers are less-recognised artistes, they too have a fan base. They don't just copy the style of the matinee idol for entertaining others, rather, their uncanny resemblance also helps them run their family and meet their daily needs.