Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has earned a distinguished identity in the Indian film industry and has also earned immense respect from across industries. Being an A-listed actor, on whom producers can blindly bet on, Salu bhai's net worth is around Rs 2300 crore (as per media reports). Under such status, is it believable that the actor struggled being cashless in the initial days of his career despite being ace writer Salim Khan's son!

Yes! Though it is hard to believe, the Tere Naam actor struggled being cashless that he couldn't even afford a shirt. Salu bhai himself made the shocking revelation and got emotional remembering the old days recently.

The actor recently hosted the 22nd International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA Awards). While hosting the event, Salman got emotional remembering an incident as he walked near Suniel Shetty’s son Ahaan.

Salman said, “There was a time when I didn't have a lot of money. I only had enough to be able to buy one shirt and jeans. During that time, a new fashion trend had come about and that was stone-washed jeans. I was out shopping and at a very popular store, I saw a stone-washed denim jeans and shirt. I only had money enough to buy the jeans and I left the shirt alone." 

"Suniel Shetty, who was with me in the store, noticed that I didn't have money to buy it, so he bought the shirt and gifted it to me,” he added.

To this, Ahaan got up from his seat and gave Salman a tight hug. 

Further, Salman also said, "Suniel also saw that I was eyeing a wallet but not picking it up. Later on, he took me to his home and gifted me the same wallet, which he had a pair of."

Earlier, Salman had revealed that his career seemed to be on the verge of sinking as even after his blockbuster 'Maine Pyaar Kiya', he went jobless for around 4- 5 months. However, actress Bhagyashree took away all the credit for the film with such a decision. He did not get any work for around four or five months after the release of Maine Pyaar Kiya. 

During the IIFA event, he once again reminisced the time and credited Ramesh Turani for giving him work after that. He also thanked producer Boney Kapoor for reviving his career after a lull.

"When things were not in my favour, Boneyji gave me Wanted," he said. 

Fans are well aware, Wanted went on to become a massive hit and following that the actor gave multiple blockbusters in a row.

Such things certainly indicate that times can be hard for anyone but hard work and good fortune can turn the tables and bring things in your favour. 

Currently, Salman Khan is prepping up for his upcoming movie Tiger 3, which is the third part of Tiger franchise. The movie also stars Katrina Kaif as the lady lead Zoya and Emraan Hashmi will be seen locking horns with Salu bhai. Fans seem to be quite excited to watch Emraan and Salu on screen together for the first time.