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Do you know what binds the legendary stars from the late Dilip Kumar to Salman and Shah Rukh Khan? It is their passion for owning a 'house of marvel' in Amcha Mumbai that runs in the veins of the superstars. From Amitabh Bachchan's Jalsa, Rajesh Khanna's Aashirwad to SRK's Mannat or Sallu's Galaxy apartment, all stand apart for their opulence and architectural niche. But did you know how Sallu's one blink, made SRK the 'Badshah' of Mannat?

Fans are well aware of Shah Rukh Khan's opulent abode Mannat and Salman Khan's residence Galaxy Apartments. Recently, reports were abuzz that Mannat was first offered to Salman before SRK purchased it. Here we bring a detailed history of Mannat, from Salman bowing out to SRK sealing it.

Why Salman Khan Blinked?

Sallu resides at Galaxy apartments with his family, including his parents, siblings and their children. However, Bhaijaan was offered to buy Mannat before SRK purchased it.

During an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Sallu was asked one thing that SRK has, he wished he had.

To this, Sallu replied, "That bungalow (Mannat) of his. That had come to me when I was just starting off. My dad said 'Itne bade ghar mein karoge kya (What will you do in such a big house)?'

Next, Bhaijaan laughed and said, "And now I want to ask Shah Rukh what he does in such a big house."

SRK's Travails with 'Mannat' - A Bwood Story!

Earlier during a book launch, the Jawan actor talked about Mannat's acquisition and revealed that when they purchased the property, it surpassed their financial means.

SRK said, "When we bought the house we live in now, it was beyond our means."

Hailing from Delhi where bungalows were commonplace, SRK and his wife Gauri were unaware of Mumbai's exorbitant real estate prices. Initially, SRK and Gauri resided in a house adjacent to the Taj Hotel, which was graciously lent by his director friend. However, the couple desired to own a home, despite their financial constraints.

Further, SRK revealed that purchasing Mannat was one thing and rebuilding and turning it home was another thing.

The Dunki actor said, "We had to rebuild it since it was dilapidated and then we struggled to furnish it. We couldn't afford to afford the charges of an interior designer, so I suggested to Gauri take charge as the designer of the house."

Further, he added, "Over the years, with our limited earnings, we furnished the house. We even went to South Africa to purchase leather for the sofa with whatever little money we had. We kept buying small things over the years whenever we could afford them. Back then we were only allowed to carry $100 or some little money abroad from India. They were spent on purchasing decorative items for the house."

Well, Salman and Shah Rukh are neighbours and fans love to gather around their houses to get a glimpse of their matinee idols on special occasions.

About Mannat

SRK's luxurious mansion Mannat, located in the upscale Bandra neighbourhood of Mumbai, is a heritage bungalow. It has been transformed into a six-story architectural marvel. It sprawls over an area of approximately 27,000 square feet. The house features multiple living rooms, a library, a gym, a private cinema, and several bedrooms. It also boasts a beautiful garden, a swimming pool, and a spacious terrace offering stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Mannat is known for its opulent interiors, blending traditional and contemporary design elements. The current price of Mannat is estimated to be Rs 200 crores.

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Stars And Their Starry Homes!

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, and it is synonymous with Bollywood and the actors in the film industry. The iconic houses of the Bollywood icons emerge as a starry attraction for their huge fandom, who consider sighting the opulent houses a pilgrimage. Dilip Kumar's Palli Hill bungalow, Dev Anand's Ketnav and Ketnav House (bungalow), Raj Kapoor's RK Cottage Rajesh Khanna's Aashirwad, Amitabh Bachchan's Jalsa and Pratiksha are some of the popular abodes of the actors. The coveted treasures are more than just residences. Most of the celebrity houses are majestic architectural marvels.

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