Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Hombale Films has decided to withdraw Salaar's release in PVRInox and Miraj cinemas in the South.
  • Salaar makers have alleged that in the North single screens are favouring Dunki over Salaar.

Salaar and Dunki are all set to release within a gap of just one day. While Dunki will hit the theaters on December 21, the Prashanth Neel action film will be released on December 22. Both are big-budget flicks directed by directors who have always given blockbusters.

Incidentally, Shah Rukh Khan and Prabhas are also big superstars and hence this fight is going to be tough. Shah Rukh Khan as a producer has gone all his way to promote Dunki both in India and overseas. Salaar has also been launched in a big way and until now producers of both movies made sure that they do not cross the path of the other.

However, now it seems this Salaar Vs Dunki clash has taken an ugly turn with a few multiplex owners favouring Shah Rukh Khan’s movie over Salaar. And this has not gone down well with producer Hombale Films.

Salaar producers withdraw movies from leading multiplexes in South

South’s leading filmmakers Hombale Films have decided to withdraw the release of Salaar in PVRInox as well as Miraj cinemas in the South Indian states. The producers have claimed that the multiplex owners have indulged in unfair trade screenings between Dunki and Salaar in North India. Due to this move, the movie might face a major setback as PVRInox covers around 45 to 50% of screens in the Southern states.

Reports indicate that Hombale Productions, Red Chillies, and the owners of single screens and multiplexes were in constant touch with each other these last few weeks. Salaar makers also had a meeting with Red Chillies owner Shah Rukh Khan and both of them had agreed to share 50-50 screening rights.

Allegedly, the agreement is not being seriously followed and a lot of back and push is happening that shows that single screens in the North are favouring Dunki over Salaar. Prabhas is not only a South Indian star but is a globally recognised actor and hence even in North India Salaar bookings were doing remarkably well.

But now Dunki being favoured and getting more screens in the North as compared to Salaar, the imbalance is bound to happen.