Poonam Singh

Actor Rituraj Singh, known for his roles in serials like Anupamaa and Yeh Rista Kya Kehlata Hai, succumbed to a cardiac arrest on Tuesday at the age of 59. 

His colleagues from the film and television industry have been coming forward to offer condolences to his family. Amid this, fans are revisiting photos from his younger days, particularly those featuring Shah Rukh Khan. 

Notably, the actor shared a long and close relationship with Shah Rukh Khan which dates back to their theatre days.

Shah Rukh and Rituraj were part of Barry John’s Theatre Action Group (TAG) and had a love for acting in common.

In photos surfaced online, Rituraj and Shah Rukh have been spotted in the same frame. In one of the photos, the actors and their group mates were seen hanging out together. In another instance, Rituraj, SRK, and their friends are captured in playful and goofy poses.

In an old interview with Indian Express, Rituraj Singh had disclosed that it was Shah Rukh Khan who inspired him to relocate to Mumbai and pursue his acting aspirations. He emphasised refraining from seeking work from SRK, ensuring their friendship remained untarnished.

Earlier, Rituraj’s close friend, Amit Bhel confirmed the actor's demise, attributing it to a cardiac arrest. 

Reportedly, Rituraj had been admitted to the hospital for pancreas-related treatment, and upon returning home, he faced cardiac complications leading to his untimely passing.