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  • Rekha knows exactly when and where she should make her appearance and has always kept her visibility to a minimum.
  • Know more about her as she turns 69 today.

Many crumble amid emotional turmoil and crisis, but legends not only live or sustain but thrive and reach pinnacles of success even in the direst circumstances. Rekha, the legendary evergreen diva of Bollywood has faced some of the most difficult times in her life right from her childhood to date and yet she continues to oblige her fans year after year with her graceful and glamorous appearances at events in golden, flowing saree and her typical gajra.

Importantly, Rekha knows exactly when and where she should make her appearance and has always kept her visibility to a minimum which has ensured that the mystery around her continues to intrigue her fans. Her husky, velvety voice is so exclusive that it stirs something within your soul. And yes, this is something she has learned from none other than Amitabh Bachchan. So, the impact is bound to be distinct.

Her father never accepted her in person or publicly

Rekha had a troublesome childhood. Her father Gemini Ganesan was one of the biggest superstars of South movies. But he never accepted her or her sisters publicly. What’s more her mother Pushpavalli who was also a small-time actress at that time was addicted to gambling due to which her family became extremely poor and at a very young age Rekha had to step out to work and bring home money.

Even when Rekha was on the stage at an event and Gemini Ganesan was also present, he neither talked to her, praised her, nor even looked at her. Despite these facts years later talking about the same on Simi Garewal’s show the Krrish actress said that she as Bhanu Rekha had a wonderful childhood whatever it was. Even when her father used to drop his other children at the school, young Rekha could never approach him neither the actor ever try to talk to her which is indeed very mean.

So despite having a famous father living in the same city, Rekha never has known what fatherly love is.

Failed love affairs and controversial marriage

Rekha’s name has been linked with multiple men in the film industry from Vinod Mehra, and Raj Babbar to even Kanwaljeet Singh. But her affairs never lasted. More often she could not get what she wanted in a relationship. Maybe that was because she was searching for some other man in these men and that man was Amitabh Bachchan.

Reportedly, they had an affair but broke apart when Big B said that he could not leave his wife Jaya. Even today, Rekha refrains from talking about him or the fact that there was any such association. She surprised everyone by marrying a businessman Mukesh Agarwal but within a year he committed suicide. Rekha was forced to face a lot of allegations which later turned out to be untrue.

She never wanted to be an actress, wanted to settle down and have kids

Unlike how the elusive and almost mythical Rekha appears to be for her fans, she was never interested in becoming an actress. Rather she wanted to settle down with a man who loved and cared for her and have kids.

However, money was short at home and that forced her to step out and start acting at the age of 13. She was completely lost when she came to Bollywood as she did not know the language. She was scared and was missing her mother. Even today, it seems as if Rekhaji's quest for love continues.