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Veteran actress and the 90s diva Raveena Tandon recently opened up about how some people ‘feed off’ being rude. During an interview, the actress pointed out how some people think it’s cool to be ‘blunt’ and ‘feed off’ with being rude.

While they think it is cool to be direct and blunt, Raveena added that it wasn’t cool at all and these people were just never taught manners by their parents. While Raveena refrained from taking any names, netizens are assuming that she was speaking about Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor or Kangana Ranaut.

“There is a difference. There are some people who actually feed off being rude and keeping the tag of, oh I’m too honest. I will say it on the face.’ No, there’s a line between honesty and being rude to another person to hurt their feelings. There is a line that you don’t cross,” Raveena said.

Sonam, Kangana, or Bebo?
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She continued, “Tomorrow if you come to me and ask how this dress is? I don’t have to say, ‘Oh my god, it sucks. But oh, see how honest I am.’ They think it’s damn cool. I would turn around and say, ‘Listen it probably doesn’t suit you, dude. I mean, I wouldn’t wear something like that but tu dekhle yaar. Tu khush hai, tereko accha lag raha hai pehne main toh pehen na bindass. Kaun bhai bolne wala?’ I would have answered that.”

She further added, “So it depends. You don’t cross that line. People now think it’s cool to be like that. I am so honest and blunt that people can’t take me. No, I’m sorry dude. You were just not taught manners.”