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  • Rashmika mentions in her diary page that she is always in a rush.
  • She also narrates a horrifying experience while watching a horror movie.

Rashmika Mandanna is a high-profile actress working on multiple movies, endorsement deals, and other projects at a time. Naturally, she has a hectic work schedule. Apart from her work, it is also necessary that she takes good care of her health and beauty so that she sparkles during her every appearance. So what must be the exact schedule of Rashoo who today is one of the busiest actors of India?

No guesses for it as the Animal actress herself shared a glimpse of her hectic routine from her diary today. The page of 25th October from her diary reveals the multi-tasking that she has to do every day to be relevant and committed to her profession and still find joy in the small amount of time that she has for herself.

So how does she start her day? She woke up in the morning reliving the amazing time she had while shooting for a very special film (possibly Animal) and then completed a shoot for a brand. Rashmika Mandanna says it was fun scouting for the right place, where to shoot, and how to shoot along with her team.

Screenshot-Rashmika IG StoryScreenshot-Rashmika IG Story

Next on the schedule was a meeting that she had to rush for. The beautiful actress here mentions that she is always in a rush. And for her work, she had to watch a horror movie with horrifying music. The experience seems to have rattled the actress to no end as she puts in that she felt as if her soul was leaving her body after going through that bewildering experience.

After one more meeting, she had some free time which she used for working out. It was late at 5 p.m. that she had her lunch then boarded an already delayed flight to Hyderabad, landed safely, had dinner, and went to sleep.

And that is her usual routine when she is not shooting for a movie. So what is her routine like when she is working on a movie? Maybe Rashmika Mandanna will share about it sometime soon!