Poonam Singh

Filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari had to reschedule the shoot of his highly anticipated Ramayana to mid-April due to last-minute wardrobe changes, according to reports. However, the team initiated the look test with the new costumes at the Film City set on Monday.

Meanwhile, the production team screened several artists to finalize the body doubles for Ranbir Kapoor and Yash, who will portray Lord Ram and Raavan respectively, setting the stage for today's shoot.

Today's shoot holds paramount importance for the cast and crew, with preparations underway for what promises to be one of Bollywood's most eagerly awaited projects. According to a Mid-day report, Sai Pallavi and other cast members are slated to grace the sets today, marking a crucial moment in the film's production.

The crew is gearing up for a flurry of activity in the days ahead, with plans to film multiple dramatic crowd scenes and stunt sequences against green screens.

"After the body doubles are locked, they will be called throughout the week to shoot stunts against the green screen. On Monday, the extras were also called on the set to prep for the crowd sequences. Over the next few days, the team will shoot several elaborate scenes featuring a crowd. Nitesh wants everything perfect down to the last detail for his magnum opus," a source was quoted saying to Mid-day.

According to reports, the decision was made to reevaluate the outfits after a look test in February, emphasizing the need for grandeur and stage presence. Additional costume designers were enlisted to ensure authenticity, with all outfits secured by March 25.

Learning from past criticisms, particularly surrounding Adipurush, Tiwari remains steadfast in his quest for authenticity and excellence. The project, set to premiere in 2025, is envisioned as a trilogy.

Recently, a video of Ranbir Kapoor has been circulating, confirming that if everything goes according to plan, Ramayana will be his next project. In the video, he also confessed that he has changed his lifestyle, giving up alcohol, quitting smoking, and becoming vegetarian.