Cassian Baliarsingh

The Salman Khan-hosted reality show Bigg Boss 17 is gaining a lot of traction recently, thanks to the controversial relationship of Munawar Faruqui with ‘multiple’ girls. The popular stand-up comedian and social media sensation has been accused of ‘cheating’ and ‘betraying’ several girls including his first wife.

Contestant Ayesha Khan has accused the ‘Lock Upp’ show winner of cheating on his first wife with Nazila and herself. She also accused him of two-timing her with Nazila and then sending ‘rishta’ to another girl. Now, the other girl has been revealed to be none other than the ‘Kacha Badam’ fame girl Anjali Arora.

Both Munawar and Anjali developed a bond during Kangana Ranaut’s show ‘Lock Upp’. After Ayesha lambasted him for dating her and Nazila while sending ‘rishta’ to Anjali, Munawar finally opened up on the controversy in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 17.

While speaking to Abhishek Kumar, he admitted sending rishta to Anjali Arora. Munawar said, “She spoke about 5 girls, there were only two of them actually. The discussion that she had on rishta happened only with these two Ayesha and Anjali, that is all.”

When Abhishek asked if Nazila was also involved, Munawar said, “But woh toh breakup wala scene tha na.” Munawar got furious after Abhishek questioned him about his wife and refused to say anything further.

Munawar’s confession comes days after Ayesha Khan leveled several allegations against him and said, “Rishta bhej kar aaya tha bahar ek ladki ko… aur ek ladki ko… I will fully expose him.” She further claimed that he was a habitual cheater and had cheated on his wife, his first girlfriend Nazila and other girls.