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Actors portray diverse characters in different shades. They may portray sweet, cute and loveable characters. They can also be seen in mean, dark and treacherous roles. However, their on-screen personality and behaviour in public are quite different. If you love an actor for his/her on-screen romantic or funny character, you might get shocked after learning about their behaviour in public.

A video recently went viral in which an air hostess shared her 'surprising experiences' with Bollywood actresses Kiara Advani, Janhvi Kapoor, and Ananya Panday during flights. Well, her shocking revelations regarding the stars' behaviours have triggered online discussions and fans are buzzing about the candid disclosure.

As claimed by the air hostess, Kiara Advani had a 'lot of attitude' and refused to interact with the crew. Recalling an incident, she mentioned that when the crew offered Kiara cashews or almonds, she responded, "No. Can you call my assistant, he will give me the cashews." The air hostess was relieved she didn’t have to interact with Kiara.

In contrast, Janhvi Kapoor was described as the 'sweetest'. The air hostess shared that they had to wake Janhvi to read out the 'Emergency Exit' guidelines. Despite being tired, Janhvi obliged, listened attentively, and even clicked pictures with the crew.

Further, the air hostess dubbed Ananya Panday as the 'funniest'. She recounted a humorous incident where Ananya urgently wanted to use the restroom just as the plane was landing. Ananya’s sweet and funny nature left a positive impression on the crew.

This video sparked varied reactions from fans, with many expressing their surprise and curiosity about the true personalities of their favourite stars.

One wrote, “I never liked Kiara she’s full of herself, especially after her marriage she’s also overhyped for both her looks and as an actress she keeps doing the same roles nothing new.” (sic)

Another commented, “Judging one person based on a single person's opinion, which she might have experienced based on timing, mood, circumstances etc is silly.” (sic)

Another opined, “Well I am an aspiring actor, I have worked with both Kiara and Ananya. But my experience was quite the opposite. Kiara was very sweet and genuine, she behaved nicely with everyone. But Ananya dude! She was so rude! She did not interact with anyone on set, her face always had an irritated expression, when I smiled at her she rolled her eyes at me, and she was nice to her co-star only on cam, as soon as the cam turned off it was like tu kaun main kaun.” (sic)

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