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Rajesh Khanna fondly called 'Kaka' is one of the greatest and most successful actors of Indian cinema. Kaka is referred to as the 'First Superstar' of the Indian cine industry for giving back-to-back superhits. He holds the record of delivering 17 hits in a row and the craze for Kaka was beyond any comparison. He won hearts with his charm and ability to portray romantic and tragic roles with great depth. However, his charisma didn't work after 3 years and his stardom faded away with the emergence of 'Angry Young Man' Amitabh Bachchan.

Fans are well aware of the most talked-about rivalries of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan. Moreover, the rivalry was further fuelled by the media, which often pitted the two actors. Though Kaka and Big B have worked together in Anand and Namak Haraam, there are numerous tales of their rivalries and the Cold War. While Khanna was the reigning superstar, enjoying unprecedented fame and success, Amitabh was still struggling to get recognition even after an applaudable performance in Anand.

Recently, yesteryear actress Sharmila Tagore revealed several secrets about actors of her time. She revealed about actors 'who didn't value time' in her time. The veteran actor, comparing the trend with actors of the current time, shared that things regarding time have changed in Bollywood.

During a recent conversation with legal eagle Kapil Sibal, Sharmila revealed that Shashi Kapoor was the first to arrive on time. Next, Amitabh Bachchan went a bit ahead and arrived on the sets before anyone else, even before the cleaners came.

Talking about Sanjeev Kumar, she said, "You could only suggest time to him but anybody even Rajesh Khanna used to be late."

Further, she shared that because of the attitude of late actors, everyone used to suffer a lot. She added, "You felt like killing them (actors who arrived late on sets) but you couldn’t.”

Further, she shared how the time problem has now changed in the industry. 

The Amar Prem actress said, "That is now changed because money is in place and they can’t afford somebody so what they do now is they make a contract which says they will work for 10 hours or they will work for 8 hours, beginning now lets say it starts at 2 in the afternoon then carry on for 10 hours or if they start at 4 in the evening, they will carry on for 10 hours from then. So the contract is made accordingly so if they want to wake up late or if they want to workout, their workout is very important."

"Like Akshay Kumar, he works out for 3-4 hours and then runs for a while and then he starts working so that’s alright. But to keep people waiting for four hours even if you are Ranveer Singh or Ranbir Kapoor, but if you are four hours late, people will reconsider,” she added. 

Well, the legendary actor continues his practice to date and arrives on the set on time. He is renowned for his professionalism and punctuality, setting a high standard for discipline in the film industry.

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